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"5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Shop for the First Time"

We've been told we have lots of cute things, and .... I think so too.

We have gifts for everyone. We have lots of shoppers come in for more than just flowers.

I can not get over these hand hand earrings we have from Blessing street clay. I seriously don't know how we have any left in the shop.

Also, these stickers.. perfect for your water bottle or the back of your phone. The girls at the shop could give you 78 different places where you'd need a sticker,

Plant Lady shirts are a 3X sell out.. ( waiting for more currently) Because I mean doesn't need that. I'm sure. you can think of a few plant lovers in your life.

We have the Neem Oil!! - Neem oil and some of its purified components are used in over 100 pesticide products.They are applied to a wide variety of crops and ornamental plants for insect control.

Don't forget your card on the way out. We have lots to choice from and we are always getting new ones in.

Hopefully these photos Give you a little sneak into the shop. We can't wait for everyone to stop by and see us. We love meeting new people.

XoXo - Schultz

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